How to buy

To make a purchase on you must perform the following steps:

1. Register or Login to your Personal Account,
2. Choose your favorite products in the Catalog
3. Add the product to the cart using the «Buy» button, select the quantity of goods and size;
4. After completing the selection of items, go to the Cart (icon in the upper right corner of the site);
5. Check the selected product and purchase amount and proceed to pay for the order, the button PLACE AN ORDER;
6. CONTACT DATA - Fill in the contact details of the recipient of the goods;
7. Pay by credit card to Visa, MasterCard payment systems registered in the Russian Federation;  
8. DELIVERY - select from the list the option of delivery of items or the point of delivery of goods;
9. Select a delivery city and specify the postal code, address, delivery;
10. The operator of the online store will contact you to clarify the delivery details. Your order will be transferred to the delivery service within 5 (five) days.

Operating mode   Delivery to transport company
Mon-Fri                  Tuesday; Friday
from 9:00 to 18:00